Campus Recruiting

Computer technician
Vacancies: three
Main duties:
1 Daily processing computer hardware and software problems.
2. To Solve the company's internal network problems and internal mail tracking.
3 network operations and network management company promotion.
4. Commitments installation configuration and technical support full line of computer systems.
1 serious and responsible, honest and trustworthy, have a good work ethic, capable of shift work system;
2 full-time undergraduate computer science (inclusive) above;
3 familiar with computer hardware, proficiency checks and troubleshooting computer software malfunction;
4 there is a strong device management capabilities and problem-solving ability, and good coordination skills, interpersonal communication skills, writing skills.


Secretarial Personnel Administration
Vacancies 2
Work Address: Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Street No. 2, A Luhui
Main duties:
1 assist HR recruitment, training and remuneration of their daily work.
2 assist in the completion of various s of personnel notification, early documents and systems intended to work.
3 update and maintain employee personnel management system to ensure the accuracy of the various s of personnel statistics report.
4 according to prescribed procedures and timely completion of new hires, probation assessment, job mobility, leave management, contract renewal work.
5. Custody and update employee personnel files, released a summary of various departments and personnel to collect the relevant forms.
6 to complete the inspection of various departments and summary of work attendance, absences each department to discover and report appeared.
7 Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
1 Undergraduate (inclusive) above, management, finance, finance or related major;
2 things calm, careful, active thinking, innovative spirit, a good sense of teamwork;
3 good conduct and professionalism, dedication and a strong sense of responsibility;
4 has a good level of proficiency in English and computer skills.
Quality inspector (factory)
Vacancies: 2
Work Address: Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Street No. 2, A Luhui
Main duties:
1, production monitoring of field activities, monitoring the production process of each SOP according to process requirements and execution.
2, to assist the Ministry to carry out quality assurance quality activities.
3, the production and analysis of original records for review, summary stay kind of product stability testing results.
4, the standard operating procedures of the school translation.
5, QS organize all kinds of document management and translation.
6, subject to the other to the head of the quality of work. Qualifications:
A university graduate, more than two years longer compressor QS experience.
2, four levels of writing ability in English universities plus.
3, the quality of the training experience organized priority.
International sales
Vacancies: 5
Main duties:

1 responsible for the development of air compressor products to foreign markets.
2 responsible for the development of agents and channels to develop and complete the sales task.
3 long-term travel (including foreign)
1. A full-time undergraduate degree in English or international trade; national English four or more levels, with strong oral and written language
2,25-45 years of age, English language. (International trade, mechanical and electrical professional, holds electrician certificate, driver's license preferred),
3, to travel frequently, a good sense of customer service, teamwork and communication skills;
4, to work stress efficiency, careful and meticulous, practical and responsible.
After-service clerk
Vacacies: 3
Main duties:

1 responsible for the maintenance of the air compressor to handle the technical aspects of the problem of customers' products, results and timely feedback to customers regularly visit.
2. Responsible agents and channel maintenance, parts sales to develop and complete the task.
3 long-term travel (including domestic)
1 related electromechanical or mechanical bachelor degree or above, master, doctorate and priorities; (qualifications can be relaxed);
2.25-45 years old, male, English language (mechanical, electromechanical professional priorities), hold electrical permit, driving license preferred.
3 electrical or mechanical maintenance processing, Mechatronics priority;
4 to travel frequently, a good sense of customer service, teamwork and communication skills;
5 job stress efficiency, careful and meticulous, practical and responsible.
Sales Engineer
Vacacies: 12
1, there are student organizations preferred positions, marketing and management professional priorities;
2, age 25 years of age, in good health.
3, toughness, hard working, preferably with mechanical and electrical knowledge and experience;
4, there are commercial character.
5, related electromechanical or mechanical Bachelor degree or above, MS preferred; There compressor channels plus (degree can be relaxed);
Office clerks
Vacacies: 5
Main duties:
1, to contact the customer and maintain a high density of communication.
2, external co-ordination between customer needs and internal services, handling daily affairs inside. Qualifications:
1, Bachelor degree or above, have patience priority.
2, a certain capacity for coordination; strict work style, meticulous.
Drawing members
Vacacies: 10
Main duties:
1, to assist engineers draw screw compressor product specific drawings;
2, to assist engineers in the high-pressure piston compressor concrete drawings;
3, to help move the air compressor engineer (diesel mobile machines and point moving machine) the specific drawings;
4, oil-free screw compressor engineer to assist the specific drawings;
5, to assist engineers centrifugal compressor concrete drawings;
6, dryers and post-processing to assist engineers worked out the specific conditions of the drawings:
1. Related electromechanical or mechanical Bachelor degree or above, master, doctorate preferred; 2. Familiar with AUTOCAD SOLIDWORKS or zero production of devices, tooling, fixtures artwork, there are certain design and development capabilities;
3. Work responsibility, patience, integrity and high team spirit, expression, strong communication skills, professionalism, initiative and strong;
4. There are good logical thinking ability, work carefully, purpose, able to work to promote the use of the external environment.
5. Good English reading and writing skills.
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