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Coal Mine Explosion Proof Screw Air Compressor

Our coal mine explosion proof screw air compressors can be operated safely around the heading face in the pit and move forward along with the tunnel extension, thus ensuring a relatively high pressure. This assists in improving the working efficiency of pneumatic machinery by 30%-100%, reducing electricity consumption by 30% and saving pipes. 
This explosion proof air compressor is also applicable for tunnel constructions.

1. Our coal mine screw air compressors are explosion proof and are designed with overload protection, short circuit protection, phase-loss protection, and electricity-leakage protection, etc. 
2. Meanwhile, this screw compressor is also equipped with alarming and protection devices against extremely high temperatures, blocking of air filters and oil filters, to name a few. The air compression machine will auto stop at extremely high temperatures. 
3. These explosion proof screw air compressor are also designed with capacity controller, pressure regulator and safety valve to prevent over pressure operation. 
4. Oil separator element is made by imported ultra-fine fiber glass, which helps guarantee the oil content of compressed air is lower than 3ppm.

Advantages of coal mine explosion proof air compressor 
1. Totally explosion proof. 
Both the air end and electrical elements have explosion proof certificate and mine safety certificate
2. The air end has a long lifespan of 100000 hours.
3. Gear connection, and back-to-back TRB (tapered roller bearing).
4. Few wearing parts, high reliability, simple operation. 
5. The refrigerants have a long useful time of two years or 8000hours.

Technical parameter

Model Motor power (kw/HP) Capacity (M3/min) Max. Working pressure(Mpa) Cooling method Voltage (V) rail gauge (mm) Dimension (mm)
MLGF-3.6/7G-22(KM-30) 22/30 3.6 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 2191×960×1330
MLGF-6/7G-37(KM-50) 37/50 6 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 2730×1040×1478
MLGF-7.6/7G-45(KM-60) 45/60 7.6 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 2730×1040×1478
MLGF-10/7G(KM-75) 55/75 10 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 2800×1140×1456
MLGF-16/7G-90(KM-120) 90/120 16 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 3200×1216×1605
MLGF-21/7G-132(KM-175) 132/175 21 0.7 Air 380/660 600/900 3600×1300×1830
MLG-16/7G-90(KM-120) 90/120 16 0.7 Water 380/660 600/900 3200×1216×1605

The company is located in Shanghai, where there are easy access to transportations by sea, land and air. 
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