Water Lubricated Oilless...

Water Lubricated Oilless Screw Air Compressor
XINRAN fine filter for lubricating water can ensure the best performance of sealing, lubricating, cooling and noise-reducing

Special Designs of Water Lubricated Oilless Screw Air Compressor
Water lubricated oilless screw air compressor is the true oil free compressor since all processes are lubricated by water. Meanwhile, the sealing and cooling are also achieved by water. 
The stainless air end housing, stainless rotor and wearing resistant oilless silicone carbide sliding bearing, etc. are designed with a lifespan of 25 years. Those oil-free air compressor components ensure the compressed air is totally oil free.

Non-standard Water Lubricated Oilless Screw Air Compressors
1. Non-standard configuration: different voltage, different color, different explode-proof grade etc
2. Non-standard environment: low temperature, sea water corrosion, tropics, high temperature, dust etc.
3. Non-standard gas: nitrogen compression, booster compression within 50 bars.
4. Non-standard pressure: blew 40 bars.

Our absolutely water lubricated oilless screw air compressor achieves full success. At present, more than 120 units of oil free air compressors are applied in fields of steel, electronic, electric, tobacco, textile, chemical, food and medicine. We believe that we can offer more professional service to customers with secure good quality and competitive price

25 years air compressor lifetime is guaranteed 
With the most advanced water lubricating air end 
Oil free is guaranteed
With the honest concern of caring for your use 
Quality and service is guaranteed

High-efficiency cooler can ensure our water lubricated air compressor work properly at a temperature of 50.

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