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Stationary Screw Air Compressor 5.5~75A, W


[Advanced system performance]
Xinran Screw Air Compressor reason favored by the market, mainly due to its simple structure, fewer moving parts, easy maintenance and other advantages. Since our screw air compressors using the most advanced in the industry components, thus bringing the device in the pipeline and streamlined interfaces to a minimum, compared to a 30% reduction of similar products pipeline interface greatly reduces the cooling oil seepage leakage chance to further improve its efficiency, easy maintenance of the machine. Thus Subang initial product design since it has a simple, advanced and efficient features.

[Efficient and reliable screw host]
Host selection of screw compressor imported Finland XINRAN-GD's mature products, SUBANG-GD screw extruder screw head as the manufacturing of large enterprises, with its unique design of sophisticated, precision manufacturing for the world affirmed and well-market test.
1 Host exhaust side using paired tapered roller bearings, linear contact by uniform load to bear, greatly extending the life of the host. And use the highest level of SKF bearings.
2 coolant tank host the bearings designed to avoid the starting moment of friction, further extending bearing life.
3 hosts using three mechanical seals, and shaft hole at the back of the seal design, 100% prevent oil leakage.
Ø: 1:1 ratio gear with no growth, the head speed is reduced to reduce the wear of the host, reducing compressor noise, effectively extending the life of the host.
Ø: the use of high-tech composite materials, flexible couplings, reducing vibration, noise reduction, the wear to a minimum, to make up for the error coupling between

[High-efficiency motors]
In order to ensure that the air compressor to achieve durable and reliable, and to ensure the industry's leading technology, our motor motor manufacturing plant was commissioned by the high-level requirements, such as heavy-duty motor is equipped with SKF bearings, we are still at the ends of the bearing housing motor additional grease filler particularly convenient in motor maintenance, fully reflects the design of humanity. Air compressor motor design protection class IP55, insulation class F, B-level rise. Due to manufacturing high degree of protection, the more effectively prevent dust and moisture into the motor windings, extending the life of the motor used. Currently, compared with the same industry, most manufacturers have adopted the IP23 degree of protection, and excellent resistance to Waters companies all use more protection class IP54 as standard product configuration.

[Intelligent computer control system]
The compressor is equipped with a microcomputer control system control system , automatic intelligent operation , exhaust gas pressure and temperature field data detected by the exhaust gas flow control valve inlet pressure is controlled at a preset pressure and lower cap between , so as to output a stable pressure . When long time without gas, automatic shutdown, resume gas can be started again , so you can output a stable pressure and achieve energy-saving effect . During operation can be displayed on a variety of field failures and handling , the maximum guarantee reliable operation of the air compressor to improve its service life.
1 in the ( English ) text display , touch keys and intuitive menu operation , fast and convenient .
2 can run delta transformation , start, load , stop , sewage, etc. overpressure preset delay time and control . 3 can be displayed on a variety of field failures and handling .
4 types of historical failures can occur for storage and display time .
5has an internal calendar , and can be modified when to go for long-term accuracy .
6 can run time , loading time , reducing load time , each time the filter cumulative and long-term storage .
7 can run at any time to see each tune preset parameters and cumulative time.
8 users can modify the parameters as needed and long-term preservation.
9 can achieve multi-machine communication with the computer.
10. Enables communication linkage between the air compressor. 11 pluggable terminal blocks, convenient and reliable. 

[Energy-intake control system]
An air intake valve mounted in the inlet of the compressor to control the compressor displacement. Our air compressor is equipped with imported newly designed intake valve , one-piece design several control solenoid valve integrated air compressor , air compressor control line is reduced to a minimum.Install a check valve inlet valve , or a sudden stop when the compressor stops gas supply , one-way air valve remains closed to prevent reflux , avoid vomiting oil phenomenon .
Through the intake valve and computer control systems, pressure sensors joint control method , we can provide a two-point air compressor gas control (On / Off) and stepless volume control ( 10% -100% ) , it can be fully satisfied gas requirements of different users .
Xinran air compressor intake valve is more advanced performance adjustable load the device when the machine automatically adjusts the exhaust pressure is 1.5 bar, compared with similar products load ( system pressure 4.5 bar) greatly reduces the load power , compared to 24% energy saving . Further, since the unit in the unloaded state of the exhaust gas pressure of only 1.5bar, thereby reducing the pressure difference between the intake and exhaust , i.e., the axial force reduces , thereby reducing the bearing load , improve the working life of the bearing .

[ Simple advanced integration module ]
Advanced integrated air compressor combination thermostatic valve , minimum pressure valve , oil ( secondary fine separation ) , oil filter and oil drop test port . Small footprint , light weight, took minimize the possibility of leakage to a minimum.

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