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Stationary Screw Air Compressor 90~355A, W

Oil-free screw compressor design features

1, our screw air compressors using a large cooler and cooling fan for 45C under high temperature, high humidity and dusty environment: particularly suitable for long-term 24-hour operation.
2, developed patented oil-free screw body, using new paragraph 2 twin-screw body, reducing leakage increased by 8% more efficient than the old type.
3, the screw body configure multiple stainless steel seal, make sure the compression process and prevent oil nonstick charcoal production.
4, the high-tech unloading valve control system, the use of gas sensors automatically adjust to uninstall the extent that the discharge pressure is stable.
5, high-precision monitoring of compressor operation, maintenance and various warning alert function; ensure normal operation; reduce down for no reason.
6, using precision and long life accessories.
7, with a variety of electrical protection devices, to avoid the impact of anti-thunder and momentary power failure, the air compressor can continue to operate normally.
8, imported all-enclosed fan-cooled motor seal, suitable for high temperature, high humidity and dusty environment, improve safety and reliability.
9, the control box with IP55 waterproof electrical specifications.


ITCS (Intelligent control panel)
1 , our air compressor has a unique computer monitoring system , using designated number of advanced technologies to monitor all operations , a number of self-test function but will enhance the performance of the compressor to a whole new level .
2 , according to the conditions of use, select Automatic stop, turn or in case of square departure when an exception occurs , because there is a fault contents display stand , so quick to take proper countermeasures.
3 , maintenance information : Clean the air filter and replace oil filter, replace the suction filter , oil change , oil supplement , maintenance sensor failure , poor cooling water . Alarm Information : oil pressure is too low , paragraph 2 inhalation temperature is too high, the oil temperature is too high, a segment spit temperature is too high, paragraph 2 spit temperature is too high, low battery voltage. Fault information : Main motor current overload , power phase , oil pump current overload fan motor current overload , cooling water supply is not normal, low oil pressure , oil temperature is too high, a segment spit temperature is too high, 2 segments spit temperature is too high, the sensor failure , starting pivot failure, the main motor temperature is too high .

Pioneer of energy-saving operation
1, the air compressor pressure unloading range: Emeraude series uses a new high-unloading system, uninstall the old series pressure adjustment range of 1 kg to 0.5 kg.  
2, the new Emeraude series "Energy Logic" unloading system forced manipulation unload cycles every 23 seconds, effectively save energy.  
3 Select Auto stop, departure transfer function: ITCS computer control panel constantly monitors air pressure and volume production line, automatic stop / no-load operation shipment feature saves energy saving.

Long maintenance cycle / save maintenance time
1, screw replacement cycle: a section of the screw: replace every nine years; 2 section of the screw: replace every six years.  
2, the unloading system replacement cycle: Every three years to replace.  
3, every year simply replace the oil filter and oil.  
4, the new cooler to enhance cooling performance and reduce the formation of scale.  
5, air compressor rugged body vibration is minimal.  
6, all G-run oil interface using fiber-shaped pad of paper and O-shaped apron  
7, using timed automatic drainage, make sure the water is discharged.  
8, the new and improved oil filter to improve bearing life.  
9, the control circuit coupled with the control box power protection switch devices.  
10, air compressor cylinder exhaust filter configuration is not required to install exhaust gas pipelines

Ultra-clean air  
Low noise and compact structure, optimize the effect for a particular axis  
Clean Air  
2-axis segment exclusive development to provide optimal sealing, sealing concentrated locked to prevent leakage of air compressed body, and turns the shaft oil seal off, never spit mixed gas oil.

Excellent durability without maintenance operations
Oil-free compressed between design and do not have contact with the rotor, bearings and more longevity. Without waiting for duplex models consumables valve plate and valve springs. No oiling machine run oil troubles.

Tight structure set up complete
• Kobelco oil-free design more compact body finer than before, peripherals neatly arranged in vivo anti-speakers.
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