Diesel mobile air compressor

Diesel mobile air compressor

Multiple compressor capacity as one of the diverse style; has a reassuring backup function

*Depending on the country, the product can not be sold

Today, the factory is inseparable from the air compressor. However, for a variety of occasions letter needs of customers, not only the constant pursuit of high performance, energy-saving products also strive for safe and reliable • • long-life performance. Customers can order at any time, reliable supply and a good working environment, Xinran offers a complete range of models.\ \


XR-110C(D)Run action
Energy-saving operation
The most without waste "start-stop control." And the ever-changing needs of the factory air supply linkage, to achieve the most rational operation.
Assured of support functions
In case of a air compressor stopped, and also by other air compressor interlock control automatically start the backup operation. Even at night, also assured that the use of unmanned operation.
High Scalability
As a result of high-performance microprocessor board, our air compressor can achieve high scalability. Configuration change control pressure can easily perform operations such as the disk, to changing user needs to be able to achieve the corresponding supply environment.

Diesel mobile air compressor features a Glance


Item XR-5.5C XR-5.5CD (Attached dryer) XR-7.5C XR-7.5CD (Attached dryer)
Motor rated output KW 2.2 + 3.7 3.7×2
Control MPa Automatic start-stop (pressure sensor)
Control pressure 0.650.8
Displacement L/min 660 820
Air tank capacity L -
Air outlet B Rc 3/4Ball
Dryer Outlet air dew point - 12 - 12
Refrigerant - HFC134a - HFC134a
Dimensions (W × L × H)mm 635×615×1275 635×855×1275 635×615×1275 635×855×1275
Weight kg 220 290 240 310
Noise level (positive1.5m) dB(A) 52 53



Item XR-11.0C XR-11.0CD (Attached dryer) XR-15.0C XR-15.0CD (Attached dryer)
Motor rated output KW 3.7×3 3.7×4
Control Automatic start-stop (pressure sensor)
Control pressure MPa 0.650.8
Displacement L/min 1230 1640
Air tank capacity L -
Air outlet B Rc1 Ball
Dryer Outlet air dew point - 12 - 12
Refrigerant - HFC134a - HFC134a
Dimensions (W × L × H) mm 720×1120×1590 1035×1120×1590
Weight kg 430 480 505 615
Noise Level (Positive 1.5m) dB (A) 56 58


1. Displacement is the maximum displacement will be converted into the exhaust pressure suction state (atmospheric pressure) average. Guaranteed separately query.
2. Need to configure the secondary container. Inquire about the capacity of selected separately.
3. Noise level is measured in an anechoic chamber.
Because drying unit type air dryer machine running, so noise ratio shown in the specification table big 1dB (A).
4. The outlet air dew point is the dew point temperature under pressure.
5. Dimensions is the projection part of the overall external dimensions, excluding valves, etc..

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