Xinran Screw Compressors

Xinran Screw Compressors
Xinran diesel mobile air compressor: 3 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 6 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 17 cubic meters, 25 cubic meters, 35 cubic 25 kg diesel mobile air compressors and other products. Xinran municipal diesel mobile air compressor: XR-135-8, XR185-8, XR265-8, etc.; mine with diesel mobile air compressor: XR300-14, XR400-13, XR460-14, XR500-10, XR600 -14, XR750-14, etc.; wells with diesel mobile air compressor: XR750-20, XR900-14, XR1070-24, XR1170-30 and so on.
Xinran mobile air compressor features:
1, Xinran diesel mobile air compressor and high reliability: fewer compressor parts, no wearing parts, so it reliable operation, long life, overhaul interval up to 4 ~ 80,000 hours;
2, Xinran diesel mobile air compressor operation and maintenance: high degree of automation, the operator does not have to go through a long period of professional training, enabling unattended operation;
3, Xinran diesel mobile air compressor power balance is good: there is no unbalanced force of inertia, can be smoothly at high speed can be achieved without basic operation, especially suitable for portable compressors, small size, light weight, footprint less;
4, Xinran diesel mobile air compressor adaptable: the characteristics of a mandatory gas volumetric flow rate is almost unaffected by the exhaust pressure over a wide speed range to maintain high efficiency.
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