Diesel mobile screw air...

Diesel mobile screw air compressor
Xinran diesel mobile screw air compressor to overturn the traditional design, the use of the most avant-garde, the most advanced technology to create the present time the best air compressor.
      Xinran mobile air compressor features: low noise, low fuel consumption, gas production, small size and so on.
  Product Features:
  1, the machine energy efficient, reliable, easy to operate, running at a glance.
  Diesel power with high reliability, long life and optimum fuel economy.
  Using scientific and shock absorbing technology to ensure low-noise operation of the machine,
  Humane automatic alarm and shutdown protection features to ensure safe operation of the machine
  Reasonable cooling system design to ensure that the machine has a good high and low temperature performance
  Simple and elegant design, the maintenance, care more convenient
  Products designed to meet the high altitude of more than 4500mm, temperatures up to 55 , the oxygen content of only 55% of the extreme environments.
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