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INGERSOLL-RAND Centrifugal Air Compressor
Centrifugal Compressor(mining industry)
Ingersoll-Rand is a leader of global centrifugal air compressor technology, since 1911, Ingersoll-Rand has designed and manufactured various types of centrifugal compressors for many industries in the world. For a long time, Ingersoll-Rand is committed to provide relevant solutions of compressed air system for users.
High-Voltage Switchgear Cabinet of Centrifugal Air Compressor
High-Voltage Power Supply Air Compressor is widely used in air compressor applications. High-voltage switchgear cabinet of centrifugal air compressor developed by Ingersoll-Rand, adopts KYN28-12 metal sealing structure, plastic sprayed processing on surface, protection rate is IP4X, high machinery strength, stable and reliable operation, products structure design is in accordance with scientific, reasonable and human principle, fully meet national safety and technology standard.
CMC Controller
Installing new main control panel and display panel in MP3 control cabinet while keeping other original components, to achieve reforming and promoting of control system. Simple version CMC controller has attractive price.
Smart and highly efficient energy saving solutions. 


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    IngersollRand 4501500HP Centrifugal Compressor-Technical Statistics
Model Flow  cfm (m3/min) Weight lbslbs (Kg) PowerHP (kW) Pressure psi  (barg) Dimensions in.(mm) LxWxH
C700 1900-4200(54-119) 16050(7280) 300-1000(224-746) 45-150(3.1-10.5) 173x86x87
C950 4150-6050
500-1500(373-1119) 50-150(3.5-10.5) 149x85x73
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    IngersollRand 4501500HP Centrifugal Compressor-Technical Statistics
Model Flow cfm (m3/min) weight lbs (Kg) Power HP (kW) Pressure psi  (barg) Dimensions in.(mm)
CV1 800-1500(23-42) 7500(3402) 200-350(149-261) 100-150(7.0-10.5) 104x66x79
CV1A 1600-2450(45-69) 9100(4128) 350-500(261-373) 40-135) 118x68x82
CV1B 1800-2350(35-67) 9100(4128) 350-450(261-336) 100-125(7.0-8.8) 118x68x82
C250 1100-1800(31-51) 11450(5103) 250-350(187-261) 100-150(7.0-10.5) 145x79x79
C350 1900-2700(54-76) 12400(5625) 350-500(261-737) 100-150(7.0-10.5) 149x84x83
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    Ingersoll-Rand 1500-7500 HP Centrifugal Air Compressor-Technical Statistics
Model Flow cfm (m3/min) Weightlbs (Kg) Power HP (kW) Pressure (barg) Dimensions in.(mm)LxWxH
3CII 6000-9000(170-255) 32000(14515) 1000-2000(746-1492) 40-150(2.8-10.5) 242x78x104
C3000 9000-15000(354-849) 72000-77000(21730-35000) 1750-3500(1306-2611) 65-150(4.6-10.5) 250x131x115
5CII 12500-30000(354-849) 95900(40000-43500) 1750-6000(1306-4476) 30-150(2.1-10.5) 290x135x120
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