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CompAir Portable Air Compressor

CompAir c series portable compressor according to customer demand. Depending on the pressure from 7 to 24 bar (100 ~ 350 PSIG) and other models. CompAir portable compressors of high quality and efficiency of design and manufacturing experience spanning nearly 200 years. New compair compressors to exploit the updated design.
In a fixed location, there are 2 compressors, can use more kinetic energy.
Cl60TS-12R production 16m can be used simultaneously for 12 functional.
C180TS-9 production 18m available for use with 9 functions at the same time.
These two air compressors models are smaller than a similar volume.

Emergency situations with efficiency
Road repairs in emergency and special nights, require a variety of different models, CompAir will introduce to you a unique way to save you costs. CompAir C38GLT models can provide a 2000W lamps, can also offer 7 function Total3.8m gas and its additional power capacity. Moving and working on the same machine, because it has a 24-hour working program within Headquarters.



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