CompAir Centrifugal Compressor

CompAir Centrifugal Compressor

After-cooler can decrease air temperature to a safe and usable level. It reduces water content in air by 70%.

Refrigerant Drying
This method is through cooling compressed air and making a large amount of water condensed and separated, then heating compressed air to avoid condensation formed outside of pipeline system.

Principle of this drying method is: vapor will be absorbed when it passes through desiccant materials. 

Filter and Water Separator
WS Water Separator is used to remove liquid pollutants in compressed air. And for filter, it is used before and after air compressing. Filtration of inlet air can remove big granularity of pollutants to reduce damage of compressor. In the process of compressing, air may be polluted by oil drip (in oil injection compressor) which can be removed by filter.


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